Welcome to the New Site!

We’re still working on updating the site but there’s always something new happening in Hampden so actually…the updating never ends!

A recent visit from Chicago’s Time Out has this nice travel write up about Baltimore and he loved us best:

“But my hands-down favorite Baltimore outing goes to Hampden, an eclectic strip of wine bars, junk stores and art galleries peddling UFO art and other nonesuch. Here I discovered Curbside Cafe, a new food truck offering fancy burritos. I bought a T-shirt at Red Tree (921 W 36th St, 410-366-3456), a chic home-furnishing and tchotchkes store vaunting hand-crafted treasures by local artists, and then ducked into Golden West Cafe (1105 W 36th St, 410-889-8991), an organic breakfast joint with a dive bar in the back. My last stop for the night was Rocket to Venus (3360 Chestnut Ave, 410-235-7887), a sprawling dive bar so jammed with hipsters in skinny jeans that it’s colloquially known as Pocket to Penis. It was here that I asked a couple of tattooed ladies where I could find more quirky Baltimore. They rolled their eyes at me as if to say, ‘Oh, please, what isn’t quirky?’”