Live Entertainment

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory • 3900 Roland Ave.

410.662.9455 | |

BSF produces 5 shows each year at the Great Hall of St. Mary’s, staging them in the spirit and style of Shakespeare’s time.

Holy Frijoles! • 908 – 912 W. 36th St.

410.235.2326 | |

Tex-Mex restaurant and bar featuring over 75 tequilas and mezcals. Live entertainment. Pinball. Brunch/lunch/dinner.

Ministry of Swing & The Ideal Arts Space • 905 W. 36th St.

443.529.5937 | |

West Coast Swing dance studio and multi-use movement and performance arts venue dedicated to bringing accessible arts to the Baltimore community.

Union Craft Brewing • 1700 Union Ave.

410.467.0290 | |

A craft brewery and tap room making fine ales and lagers in the heart of Baltimore City. Open to the public Thu-Fri, 5-10pm and Sat 12-5pm.

Zissimos Bar • 1023 W. 36th St.

410.467.4707 | |

A neighborhood bar on “The Avenue” since 1930. Second floor features improv and stand-up comedy as well as live music. Family-owned for 85 years.